Featured Jobs at Cisco Webinar Series

Are you interested in working for Cisco? There are many career paths you can take with your Networking Academy education, but we know of a few jobs at Cisco that can be an ideal fit.

During this webinar series we are going to highlight specific roles that your Networking Academy coursework and Cisco certifications have prepared you for. Each session will feature a specific opportunity, this is a way for our Cisco managers to share details about:

  • Scope of work
  • Typical work day
  • Top skills required for the position(s)
  • How to apply
  • Types of technologies used
  • Requirements (education and experience)

Session 1: What does it mean to be a Cisco TME?

Learn what it means to be a Technical Marketing Engineer (TME) at Cisco and the work you would be doing with intent-based networking technologies. We have TMEs in many of our Cisco offices around the world. The role will have different responsibilities based on regional needs but there are certain aspects that hold true no matter where you are located. Join us to hear from a Director of Technical Marketing for enterprise networking at Cisco; he manages TMEs and is looking to add more team members to his team.

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Find a Job at Cisco

This series features jobs at Cisco. If you are interested in working for Cisco, setup your profile on our Networking Academy Talent Bridge’s Matching Engine and find out which positions match your skillset.


Note: This webinar series will have new sessions added periodically, so please check back to get details about upcoming events.