Employer Showcase Webinar Series

Interested in finding a job but not sure which companies to focus on with your search? Through our Networking Academy Talent Bridge Matching Engine, we have Cisco as well as our Channel Partners and Distributors sharing open job opportunities around the world. Some of these companies you may have heard of, but undoubtedly there are those you do not know much about or what technologies they are using.

In this webinar series, we will offer you a chance to get to know our featured employers who are actively seeking to hire Cisco Networking Academy students who have finished their studies, are either certification-ready or already certified, and are prepared to join the workforce.

During each of these sessions, we will have our featured employers share information about their offices and job opportunities suitable for our Networking Academy students.

Session 1: Why Work for CDW?

Hear from representatives of CDW on why you should consider working for them, the types of jobs they are actively hiring for at the moment, and a glimpse at the types of technologies they use to provide solutions. CDW is a multi-brand technology solutions provider and a Fortune 500 company with multi-national capabilities. They are a Cisco Channel Partner and offer their clients integrated IT solutions. CDW is actively seeking Networking Academy students in the United States.

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Session 2: Consider a Networking Job with Straight Up Technologies

Ever consider working for a company that allows you to be a supporting part of small and large events around the world? Straight Up Technologies provides computer networking solutions and services that are customized for their clients. They provide solutions for live events, film and television productions, as well as specialized environments. Join us to hear from them on why you should pursue a career with Straight Up Technologies.

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