U.S. Veterans Webinar Series: Navigating Your Transition to a Tech Career

Have you recently, or do you plan to, transition out of the military to a civilian career? If so, be sure to explore your options in the tech industry. You do not need to have a background in technology in order to qualify for a job in the industry – there are many non-technical positions available.

The demand for skilled talent continues to increase as the tech sector expands into hot markets including Internet of Things (IoT) and cybersecurity.  You have already demonstrated your capabilities in the military—now it is time to leverage those skills in your new adventure.  

In this webinar series, we explore:

  • Tools to help translate your military experiences to civilian work proficiencies
  • Career paths and training opportunities available to veterans
  • Understanding which military skills are in high demand in the tech sector

Hear from fellow veterans who have successfully transitioned from the military into a career in the tech industry. 

Access this digital guide, a document highlighting the resources and training opportunities available to U.S. veterans who want to transition to a career in the tech industry.

Invest time in yourself during this transition period to arm yourself with the right tools and information so you can find your next career.

Session 1: Aligning Your Military Experience to Tech Careers

Part of the challenge of transitioning from military to civilian life, is knowing how to explain your experiences. In this session, we will explore how to translate your Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) or Rating to civilian proficiencies. We will provide examples as well as resources to assist you in translating your skills and understanding your career options.

Hear from Veterans who have made the leap from military to civilian life, and how they successfully transitioned.

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Session 2: Exploring Tech Career Options for Veterans

There are many career pathways to take within the tech industry, some which require specific technical training and some which do not. Use your skills to your advantage by exploring tech career pathways. You may just find out you are qualified for certain types of positions within the industry.

We showcase multiple training options available nationally as well as regionally, many of which are complimentary to U.S. veterans and do not require a long investment of time.

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Session 3: Gaining Employment in the Tech Industry

Now that you know how to translate your experiences and which career pathways are available, you will need to understand:

  • Which skills are in high-demand by employers
  • How to engage professionally with managers and recruiters
  • Best practices for managing your personal brand through your resume and social media profiles

Many of these in-demand skills come naturally to veterans, therefore by knowing what these are, you can better market yourself to recruiters. Learn how to use your military experiences to get a job in the civilian sector and gain access to expert advice from recruiters and hiring managers in the tech industry.

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